The Last 20 Years
And The Next 20

Founded by Ryan Susteras and Jeff Susteras, two young and motivated recruiters, Aztrix was born out of the need for transparency and honesty in the recruitment industry. When their employer closed its doors, Ryan saw an opportunity to build a business based on the principles of integrity and customer success.

The brothers' entrepreneurial spirit caught the attention of many of the businesses they worked with, who were eager to support their new venture. Ryan's commitment to delivering exceptional service and making his clients' lives easier earned him a reputation for dependability in a fast-paced industry. When word-of-mouth recommendations started pouring in, Ryan and Jeff realized they needed to expand their team.

Despite being hands-on with Aztrix, Ryan and Jeff learned to let go a little and instill the same values in their new team of recruiters. With years of experience in the transportation and supply chain industry, the Aztrix team understands the challenges candidates face. As their guide or job agent, Aztrix's recruiters coach and support their candidates throughout their association with the agency.

Aztrix has earned the trust of companies and expanded its team while maintaining its dedication to empathy and adaptability. The agency prides itself on its professionalism, positioning itself as the go-to agency in the industry.

Through hard work and ethics, Aztrix survived both the 2009 recession and the pandemic, expanding its area of operations to service Canada-wide businesses. The agency treats its clients well but isn't afraid to challenge them in the interest of their success. Aztrix is committed to providing transparency and 100% commitment to its clients and work partners, with no ambiguity in its promises and delivery.

At the core of Aztrix Solutions is a family-oriented boutique agency that values servicing its clients well. The agency keeps up with industry trends and adapts to its clients' changing needs, eager to share its talent pool to help them succeed.